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Sperm Processing Kits/ Semen Washing Kits
Sperm washing is the process of separating the healthy, motile(swimming) sperm from the rest of the semen specimen. In addition to healthy sperm, a man semen specimen contains dead or nonmotile sperm, enzymes, proteins, and fluids which are not desirable for direct mixing with eggs or for intrauterine insemination. These healthy, motile sperm are then concentrated into a special sperm processing kits which nourishes and preserves them for fertilization of the egg. Sperm washing is performed in a series of steps including centrifuging or spinning the semen sample several times to separate the best sperm from the remainder of the specimen. Sperm washing was developed over a number of years of testing to provide the best preparation of sperm for IUI, IVF, ICSI etc.
Single layer density kit. (Testo Separation -1)

Technique use for all type semen sample effectively removes all contaminants and give yeilding mostly motile.

Sperm free from debris, round cell,dead sperm,abnormal sperm,seminal plasma,prostaglandis and also concentrates motile sperm.

Density gradient solution contain silane-couted colloidal silica particle with tissue culture medium.

Each kit contains 2 ml density gradient and 5 ml Testo-wash solution.

Double layer density gradient kit (Testo separation-2)

Technique suitable for contaminated semen samples.



Each kit contains 1ml 90 % ,  1ml 45 % density gradient solutions and 5 ml testo wash solution.