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Assisted conception (Assisted reproducting technology-ART) sperm processing sperm separation is the process that prepares a semen sample for an intrauterine insemination(IUI). Technique utilized in sperm preparation should be capable of Selecting and concentrating the sub-Population of normal motile sperm in the seman ejaculate Testocare offer ready to use kits which enable doctor, laboratories to process semen. The kits are safe, efficient economical and convenient to use. Number of procedure are available for separation of spermatozoa. Density gradient is best technique which gives highest yield of motile sperms.

HAMF 10 / HTF media used for swim up and simple wash technique.

Modified tissue culture media with hepes buffered.
Component media packed 5 ml ampoules for single use.

Quality controlled:
All medium tested for endotoxin , sterility, pH, osmolarity , sperm survival and stability.
All components used tissue culture grade.

No need for expensive CO2 incubator for IUI preparation.
Single used ampoule packing, Economical, no chance of cross contamination.
Optimum sperm survival and functional result.